Underutilizing Internet Forums Can Be a Huge Mistake

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My friend and I built our website together way back in college. It is just a short, web comic series, but since those days of living off of ramen, coffee and insomnia, the site has really taken off. We get scores of emails daily asking for free discussions forums where people can chat and post about the comic.

However, while we knew a fair amount about web design having taught ourselves, we knew nothing about online forum software or anything of that vein. In fact, we really did not even know what the benefits of having online forum software were.

So, we did some digging into what forums were online, and found that we were total fools for not having forums before.

Using online forum software, we created a platform that let our readers discuss what they liked, what they disliked, and generally hel (more…)

The New (yet Old) Face of Market Research

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How about a couple riddles? Riddle 1) What is one of the oldest forms of discourse on the Internet that has remained essentially unchanged in over a decade? And riddle 2) What form of Internet social media has arguably the most power to change any given industry?

The answer to both, of course, is the online forum.

Through every innovation and “next big thing”, forums have remained constant, unwavering, and true to their roots. While forums software has advanced and evolved over the years, amazingly (and unlike many contemporary Internet fads) it has never lost sight of its ultimate purpose… to allow a space for people to discuss, argue, compare, and commiserate about whatever passion they share. Lamenting the latest movie franchise restart? There is a forum for that. Just wild about the lates (more…)

Stay in Touch Through the Use of a Forum

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A forum can be a great way to keep in contact with a specific group of people. You may want to join a previously created topic forum or create your own. If you are interested in starting your own forum for your large family or a group of friends or even your community, it is not impossible. There is software that can allow you to do this, and customize it however you would like.

There are many different discussion forums free for users that allow anyone to post questions and responses. Rating forums is something that you can do when you find one that you particularly like or dislike. It will allow other users or potential users to see the pros and cons of the forum they may be thinking about joining on a specific topic. Forum ratings will be high when forum reviews are good. Rating forums allow potential use (more…)