Is Your Website Pulling Enough Traffic?

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These days, it is not enough to get your name in the town business listings directory, or even on the yellow pages advertisements, though it certainly helps. In the digital age, online search engine optimization is what you need. Consumers frequently use the internet to research companies, and make purchasing decisions. If your business is not online, then you are missing out on a critical market. There are two ways that you can get your site search engine optimized.

  • Internet marketing firms.
  • When engaging in internet marketing, your goals are to increase brand awareness, engage the customers you have, and generate leads to acquire new customers. The best internet marketing company will use a variety of techniques including link building, content creation, social media integration (more…)

Forums Can Be Just the Thing You Need To Make Your Job Easier

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Communication is key. No matter where you go, what you do, or with whom you interact, it all comes down to how well you communicate with each other. Sure, it may seem important to talk with your wife, but it is even more important to talk with your employees. Sometimes emails are hit and miss, and phone calls are nearly impossible lately. Short of calling the entire office together just to talk about one thing, there has been no real way to get everyone to communicate effectively and efficiently. Until now.

Have you ever heard of online forums? Where people gather and create conversations based off of a single topic? That technology is available to you for office use, so that you can implement it as a communication tool with your employees. But before you sign up immediately, take a minute to review wh (more…)