Four Tips for Effective Corporate Website Development

Define inbound marketing

Have you been wondering what the most important tool is for generating great inbound marketing and gaining access to the growing amount spent online annually? It’s your website. Your website is literally the gateway to the two billion people Internet World Stats estimates use the web everyday to connect with friends, study, work, and shop. In total, according to Forbes, eCommerce reached $262 billion in 2013 and will reach an estimated $440 billion by 2017. If you want to tap into the growing river of revenue, you have to focus on your corporate website development. Here are four simple ways to improve your corporate websi (more…)

Why Use the Sun M4000 Server?

Cisco switch

In order to compete in the modern business world, a company has got to go digital. Using high quality computer network systems allows a company to efficiently use servers to do such tasks as manage data, users, groups, security, applications, and other networking functions, all of which can help make a business more efficient and produce higher revenue.

What’s more, these servers can also help in disasters. For example, even just used HP servers for small businesses can be used for asset recovery services that assist in standardizing processes, increasing asset sale prices, and help companies prepare for audits. This means that when catastrophe strikes, such as an audit or a major data loss, the company is prepared to handle (more…)

What You Need to Know about Injection Molding

Injection molding company

Although it is quite common these days, many people still have never heard of injection molding, let alone know what it is. Nonetheless, injection molding is an important manufacturing process without which many of the products that we take for granted would not be possible.

The idea behind injection molding is simple. First, a mold of the desired final product is created. Next, a substance like metal, glass, or plastic is heated up in a tempering furnace to the point where it becomes molten. It is then injected using a injection mold machine into the mold where it hardens to the shape of the mold while it cools rapidly. Finally, the injection is removed and the process is repeated as many times as necessary.

Plastic is one of the most common materials used in the injection molding process. However (more…)

Avoiding Shady SEO Tactics Three Tips for 2014

Local search engine optimization

How did you get to this page? There’s an 80% chance that you’re reading these words because you followed a link through a search engine. This alone highlights how important it is for businesses to gear their websites for better search rankings: the search engine experience is ubiquitous to online navigation.

Recently, popular lyrics website Rap Genius found itself completely removed from Google search results as punishment for participating in a link building scheme. Companies looking for a higher search rank need to be wary of how they practice SEO, and with whom. Less legitimate SEO services will use shady tactics that, if they backfire, are your mess to clean up.

How can you avoid having your site penalized by Google? Here are three tips for steering clear of trouble in 2014.

1. (more…)

Get to Know the Benefits of PLM Software

Product lifecycle management

Any manufacturing project can lead to unforeseen hurdles, both from a financial and an implementation standpoint. Those two aspects of the manufacturing process represent only a portion of those most demanding challenges that come with product research, development, marketing, implementation, sale and remediation. Each of these aspects of the product life comprise some of the key aspects of product life cycle management. Implementing product lifecycle management processes can allow businesses access to the information they need to save money, hasten development and market effectively.

Overall, strong product lifecycle management can be the single greatest piece to the manufacturing puzzle. But, what is product lifecycle management?

The product lifecycle management process is designed to study (more…)