Late Night Rings, Will Your Small Business Answer?

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Imagine relaxing at home watching the local network late night lineup, when all of the sudden there’s a loud bang in your basement and a rushing noise follows. As you quickly get up and run to the basement, the family gathers around to wait for the next move. As you step down stairs into the basement, the rushing noise only get louder and the problem is painfully obvious, the water pipes burst. The basement is quickly being flooded and sparks are flying. After rushing everyone away from the basement, you grab your phone and give a panicked call to your favorite trustworthy plumber … but there is no answer. Only a voice mail. What do you do next?

Now, imagine you are the trustworthy plumber who has to be on-site for a job at 5 am and was in bed at 9 o’clock. Your client is praying for your answer, but al (more…)

HIPAA Compliant Emails and the Medical World

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HIPAA compliant emails seems like it would be more secure than HIPAA texting but how secure is texting? For that matter, how secure is email? Doctors and clients want a secure email provider and secure email service. Mobile medical technology is developing quickly and has become one of the most important areas of development in providing HIPAA compliant communication between physicians. Some doctors are HIPAA compliant email providers in that they share a patient’s secure medical information over and through the email.

HIPAAs intentions were to make healt (more…)

Choose Your Server Hosting Company Wisely

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Cloud computing has boomed in recent years, with more companies looking to the internet to house their data, instead of dedicated servers. There are still about 50 million physical servers globally, but these servers are fast fading into something of the past, while about 32% of Americans believe cloud computing is where the future of IT is headed.

But not all cloud solution providers are created equal. Every company has specific needs, and their business phone systems and computer networks require a particular bandwidth and storage capability.

Here (more…)

Three Tips for a Better Business Approach to Technology

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Did you know that, according to a recent survey of small businesses, companies spend an average of about $192,000 a year on technology? For most, this represents a substantial financial investment. The number of options when it comes to technology can often feel overwhelming to business owners trying to figure out what they need next. What’s the best investment for someone’s money? Here are a few technological additions that often help businesses make more money that are worth considering.

1. Tablets

At one point, tablets were an experimental part of new sales offerings. Today, they’re a more standard offering at restaurants around the country. Tablets can help improve everything from the process of gathering and analyzing resumes for new employees, to managing and ordering n (more…)

What to Consider when Buying Server Racks and Enclosures

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Setting up an onsite server room requires you to consider a number of things, both for the success and stability of your IT solutions and for the safety of your building and workers. Considering the operating systems of your servers can give you complete control over your IT technology, while simultaneously making it easier to host a website and protect your data. The hardware you choose, from your processors to your RAM to your CPU fans, will determine the speed and reliability with which your employees and customers can utilize your servers.

While those are undoubtedly essential parts of setting up a clean room, you also need to consider the type of rack enclosures you use to house your IT technology. The wrong choice could put your employees at risk, or, on a lesser note, take up too much spa (more…)