POS Systems are Smart Investments for Pharmacy Owners

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Point of Sale systems are becoming increasingly necessary for retailers, but can they help your pharmacy?

The simple answer is yes. Point of sale systems condense several functions into one combined unit that can process sales reports, organize data, and monitor inventory. Some can even act as time-clocks for employees or methods of communication between multiple locations.

POS software allows your business to run smoothly even when you’re not there. Register prompts and safeguards ensure that employees won’t take shortcuts just because the boss is out, and they also make it easier to navigate complex systems that may be challenging for new employees to learn.

Pharmacy pos systems can retain data accurately and immedia (more…)

Improve Your Business with New Point of Sale Equipment

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The United States point of sale equipment development industry generates an estimated $1 billion of revenue every year and employs an estimated 4,653. Currently comprised of an estimated 47 software companies, this sector of technological industry is continuing to expand: from 2009 to 2014, the POS software development industry grew by an estimated 3.3% annually. With this expansion, a number of POS solutions and appliances are now available to business owners, creating the opportunity to conduct sales efficiently and effectively. But what is point of sales equipment, and what does it offer you?

Point of sales equipment, or POS software, is defined as the place where a retail transaction is completed, such as a cash register or other area where a customer exchanges funds for goods or services. (more…)

Is Your Marketing Campaign Failing to Generate Interest in Your Brand Online?

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93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, and that statistic only looks to be going up as time goes on. Subsequently, learning to get yourself noticed in search engine result pages, particularly those owned by Google, is incredibly important if you want to earn a portion of the $1.5 trillion eMarketer estimates web users will spend online by the end of 2014.

Unfortunately, because search engine optimization strategies are constantly evolving, unless your business is in marketing, you likely lack the time, the resources, and the manpower to keep up with your most effective options. That’s where SEO serv (more…)

IT Consulting Company Slated to Come to Indiana, Bringing New Economic Opportunity

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Thanks to the promise of training grants and millions of dollars worth in tax credits, Systems in Motion, a California-based IT consulting firm, has agreed to expand its company and start operations in both Carmel and Kokomo. This expansion is anticipated to create approximately 400 “high-wage” jobs by 2017.

Indiana has been eager to land Systems in Motion IT solutions company, which began in 2009. The company offers both consultation and outsourcing. Many smaller businesses have difficulty handling and budgeting for monthly IT costs — outsourcing helps to consolidate the costs, and take it out of the hands of single employees who have limited time to handle complex systems.

The Indiana Economic Development Corp., which (more…)

Three Ways You Can Connect With the Marketing Company of Your Dreams

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Finding the right marketing plan for your website is a bit like going on an internet date. Although you’re always taking a chance when it comes to connecting with someone in the right way, you’re going to be risking more than you need to if you don’t pay attention to how marketing companies describe themselves.

If you go on a bad date, you might waste the price of a dinner — if you hire bad social media services, though, you might be out a few hundred dollars. So what’s the secret to getting a great match? Here are three online-dating based tips for finding the right SEO marketing companies.

1. Do You Share Similar Interests… or Internet Marketing Strategies?

When you look for a date online, most people are going to make sure that they have something to talk about — and p (more…)