How to Market Your Business in the Digital Age

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Advertising these days is just not what it used to be. Now, it’s much less Don Draper glamour and much more related to the knowledge and use of technology. If you’re behind on the times and don’t know how to market your company in the digital age, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

Build a great website
The first thing you should do to start marketing using the internet is to build a quality website with a modern look and a user friendly interface. This is the place that all of your other internet marketing endeavors will lead back to and it will be the new face of your business, so you want to make sure that it’s done well. Many people who don’t know the first thing abou (more…)

The Importance of Having Vehicle Camera Systems in Local Police Agency Cars

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The recent police shooting in Ferguson, MO has pinned the general public against local police agencies as the two sides are in disagreement about whether or not the officer’s actions were justified. Citizens all over the country, but especially local residents of Ferguson, were particularly outraged when local police released a surveillance video showing the victim, Mike Brown, robbing a convenience store, claiming that it was an attempt to defame his character.
Amid all of the outrage over the release of this footage, however, there is another, more important video missing. This is the video of what actually happened, and it is not being kept hidden by anyone, but rather it doesn’t exist. This is because the police car that was driven by the officer accused in the shooting was not equipped with a (more…)

How Different Countries Handle the Threat of Online Piracy

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Americans are used to a country with relative lax rules regarding internet usage. There is very little access barred, even if the sites in question are privy to illegal actions. In the U.S., a site is typically accessible until a court rules that the website itself is engaging in impermissionable behavior: at this point, the website is taken down.

In the U.K., things are a little different. The U.K. as a whole tends to give more power to authorities in the case of potentially illegal activities. As such, the U.K. actively blocks its citizens from accessing pirating sites. Pirating sites, such as The Pirate Bay, allow users to exchange and download files illegally. These files typically contain music, movies or television shows, among other things. For this reason, some people in the U.K. search fo (more…)

There’s a New Social Media Aggregator In Town

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Nowadays, people are using their smartphones to tweet, post, update, snap, and hashtag. With so many different things going on in social media it can be pretty hard to keep track of everything our friends, family, and favorite brands are doing.

However, one social media marketing agency is now helping companies simplify the brand development strategies they’ve employed across the social network universe. Stackla, a startup creative agency, is on a mission to help brands aggregate, curate, and basic (more…)