Three Free Marketing and Advertising Techniques to Help Your Small Business

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Anyone who owns a small business knows that keeping a well-balanced budget can be a challenge. When times are tough, the budget needs to be reassessed and reorganized to ensure that financial resources are being spent on the most important aspects of the business. While reorganizing funds is necessary in these times, it never hurts to save a little money whenever possible. Thanks to the Internet, marketing and advertising are areas where a small business can take on some of their own techniques instead of hiring digital advertising agencies. Promotions marketing doesn’t have to break the bank, and, in fact, there are some ways of doing it for free. Some free marketing and advertising tips for small businesses on a budget include:

  1. Join Social Media – Creating social med (more…)

To Avoid Sony’s Embarrassing Fate, Companies Should Be Using Encryption

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After a major security breach on Sony Entertainment’s computer networks, the production company has announced that it is pulling the Christmas-day release of its controversial film The Interview. The film is about two men (James Franco and Seth Rogan) sent to North Korea to kill the country’s leader and has been blamed for prompting the recent cyber attack on Sony. While this is by far one of the more serious instances of cybercrime the U.S. has seen this year, the past 12 months have been riddled with one major security breach after another. In response to this year’s sudden rise in cybercrime, many companies are taking steps to ensure that they are not the next victims of an attack by outside hackers. One of the most important ways companies can secure their data delivery services to keep (more…)

Three Important Ways Your SEO Strategy Needs to Change in 2015

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The search engine optimization help you offer your clients has to adapt to changes every year, so it’s important to be ready. Here are three major changes you’ll likely have to make in 2015:

  1. Focus on Mobile

    More and more online users are accessing search engines from their phones. This means that optimizing your SEO and inbound marketing strategies to target mobile users will be essential in 2015. Google even began adding a “mobile-friendly” notation next to websites in mobile search results to drive search users to the best mobile website. Bing also has expressed a preference toward responsive URLs rather than two seperate URLs for mobile and desk (more…)

Federal Trade Commission Goes After Two Alleged Computer Support Scams

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced it has shut down two telemarketing firms for allegedly scamming customers with fraudulent computer support services.

According to a Nov. 20 Slate article, an entity that operated under the names Boost Software Inc. and OMG Tech Help as well as a company that made PC cleaner software are both facing FTC charges for allegedly collecting a combined $120 million from customers while failing to deliver the IT consulting and advanced computer services they were being paid to provide.

The two companies, which are structured as telemarketing firms, would call unsuspecting customers and warn them that their computers could have a virus. The companies would then advertise their PC cleaning software as a cure, “which at worst is malware and (more…)

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Printing

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When you work with commercial printing companies — whether you need advertising banners, aisle signs, bookmarks, mailers or plain old business cards — there’s one major choice you’ll need to make: whether to use digital or offset printing for your project. Often, a print company will offer both printing methods for the same products, which might be confusing if you don’t understand the differences. Here’s what you ought to know:

What Is Digital Printing?

Digital printing works somewhat like your regular inkjet printer, in wh (more…)

Advantages of Purchasing a Restaurant POS System

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If you’re looking into POS systems for restaurants, you’re already on the road to making your restaurant a better place for customers in several ways.

POS systems for restaurants can dramatically improve your customer service offerings. Most restaurant POS systems allow you to reduce the amount of time a customer is waiting for their order. Some systems even have the ability to send orders directly from the waiters to the kitchens through handheld devices. Mistakes are reduced and efficiency is increased.

Payment is also much quicker and easier with the right (more…)