Benefits of SMS and VoIP Systems

Voip origination

Advances in modern technology have greatly furthered our ability to communicate with each other, even over long distances. Recently very effective technology has been developed that allows anyone to make a call over what are normally lines that are meant for the internet. This new system is called voice over internet protocol, or VoIP. It is also referred to as e911 address verification.e911 compliance, and as of last year there were close to 330 million people using mobile VoIP services. This e911 service may sound confusing, but it’s actually more common than you think, and you probably even use it every day.

New developments in e911 address verification.e911 compliance are probably most familiar to the majority of consumers as simple SMS messages, which stands for short message service and is us (more…)

Washington Program Matches Veterans With Aerospace Jobs

Leak detection

While it might be better known for its gorgeous geography and famous lumber industry, the state of Washington is quickly becoming a major site for aerospace engineering. This region is now home to more than 1,350 aerospace-related businesses, including the world headquarters of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. As a result, Washington’s businesses are always searching for the best implements to help their growing industry, whether that means identifying a better leak detection equipment to check their products or finding great new employees. Over the last few years, companies in Washington have been accomplishing the latter through an unusual program, which helps match their companies with former soldiers, who often have valua (more…)