How to Step Your Selfie Game Up

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Every day, more than 1 million selfies are taken. Some of which are far better than others. If you want to step your selfie game up, here are a few tips to help you and your digital camera shoot some selfies.

All About the Angles.

First off, you need to work the right angles. Hold your camera either out in front, slightly tilted down, or up above you. That way, when your digital camera shoots, you’ll have your good side showing, and your face will appear slim. Never below — your digital camera shoots should never come from below — as this will (more…)

Mayo Clinic Aims to Collect 50,000 Blood Samples

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In January, President Barack Obama generated considerable excitement among scientific circles after speaking at length about the importance of individualized medicine during his State of the Union address. Defined as the creation of customized therapies, treatments and more for each patient, individualized medicine will require significant research and technology to be successfully applied. Now, the Mayo Clinic’s biobanking program is collecting 50,000 blood samples with the goal of using their laboratory management software and other resources to help accomplish this initiative.

Mayo has requested samples from thousands of patients and expects to meet their (more…)

Network Repair Services Important Now More Than Ever

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What do Sony Pictures, Target, the Home Depot, and one of the largest American military forces have in common? They were all hacked. Last December, Sony Pictures made headlines after it was hacked due to the release of its controversial film, The Interview. Last year, hackers accessed considerable amounts of data from The Home Depot, including customer information. The year before that, Target lost millions of files and data to cyber criminals. Even the powerful U.S. military wasn’t immune. Last month, the Twitter and YouTube pages of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM), one of the military’s largest organizations, were hacked by a cyber group known as the “Cyber Caliphate.” There are more examples of prominent, large-scale hacks but the point is this: If major Hollywood studios and a theater- (more…)

What Is Cloud Hosting and Why Does It Even Matter?

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Every big decision in business should be approached with caution, and in this modern, digital, business world, there are few decisions bigger than switching website hosting services. And while sticking with the same website hosting company might be the safest decision, it might not be the smartest.

More and more, companies are using cloud hosting servers to host their website and offer better services, and for good reason, too. Cloud hosting is reliable, scalable, and flexible. If one server goes down, there are other cloud servers that will keep the websites and resources up and r (more…)

Three of the Best Places to Find Digital Camera Reviews

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Whether you’re shopping for simple still digital cameras or the best small digital cameras you can afford, you need to have as much information as possible, which means you need to read as many reviews on digital cameras as you can.

The question is, though, where you go for them? Here are a few of the best publications you can turn to to find reviews on digital cameras.

Popular Photography.

Popular Photography is one of the best places to go to find revie (more…)