Bidding on Government Contracts What You Need to Know

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As many a government contractor will tell you, bidding on government contracts is very difficult. To put it mildly, the odds are not good. Studies have shown that any given contractor has about a 12% chance of winning a government contract. Add on the fact that according to Bloomberg, approximately 80% of entrepreneurial businesses fail within a year and a half. And couple that with the fact that there are more than 2,000 government agencies, many of which offer bidding contracts, in the United States, contractors need as much ammo as they can get their hands on to give them an advantage during the bidding process.

It is for these reasons why proposal pricing software is essential to the success of any contracting business. What is (more…)

The FBI is Worried About This and So Should You

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In 2012, the director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, said something truly shocking. “Down the road,” he said, “the cyber threat will be the number one threat to the country.” Surpassing, he supposes, the dangers of terrorism and drug trafficking, among other pressing issues. This should be cause for concern, especially since it certainly is for the (then) director of the FBI. Even those who doubt the agency’s veracity — which is not uncommon — should take a look at the startling trends. A recent survey issued to cyber security experts, for example, shows that 50% of experts believe that their company will more likely than not be a target for hackers and malware within a year. About two-thirds of them also claim that their company is unprepared for such attackers.

It is not only the private sector th (more…)