Improve Your Business With Web Designing

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Internet marketing services and web designing have gone through substantial stages over the years. In just 20 years, the World Wide Web has grown exponentially. In 1995, there were only about 50 million users of the Internet in the world. Today, there are more than three billion — nearly half the world. It is simply incredible how the Internet has transformed our lives, bringing people together in a time when the world needs it the most.

The Internet has had a momentous impact on how business is conducted as well. Every company, whether it is a large international corporation or a small local business, relies on the Internet for day-to-day operations as well as l (more…)

A Few Things You Should Know About Data Delivery Services

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The business world is always changing in its quest to find the best ways to reach its customers — and its employees. Managed file transfer services are used by businesses across the country (and the world) to send, store, and receive digital files to one another. Much more efficient and faster than traditional means — phone, fax, mail, etc. — data delivery services are what keep businesses going in today’s technology-dependent society.

Sadly, though, the state of data delivery methods in the U.S. could be better. Over the years, high-profile cases of hacking and data breaches, such as the majo (more…)

Five Essential Points About B2B Lead Generation Marketing

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Lead generation marketing is one of the most important focal points of both B2C and B2B online marketing strategies, but it’s important to realize just how different the process of B2B lead generation is from the traditional B2C-type of marketing approach. If you’re new to the world of B2B and online marketing, or if you just want to get a better understanding of how lead generation marketing can work best for B2B campaigns, here are a few important points to know about the process:

  1. First, it’s important to realize that your customer base is very distinct in a B2B environment. Rather than playing up emotions and convincing your target customers they they ne (more…)

Effective Outdoor Advertising on a Budget

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If you’re hoping to bring new customers into your business, it’s hard to beat outdoor advertising as a medium. It costs 80% less than advertising on TV, 60% less than advertising in the newspaper, and 50% less than advertising on the radio. It’s not just for big businesses that can afford billboards, either; small businesses can take advantage of outdoor advertising opportunities with attractive yet affordable vinyl banners and signs. The trick is getting a banner design that will capture the public’s eye.

Getting an Eye-Popping Banner Design

When you display a banner outside, you only have a few seconds to make an impression on drivers or pedestrians passing by. How do you make sure that impression is made — and moreover, that it’s a good one?

  • Keeping It Simple

Three Important Numbers Behind Local Pharmacies

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Just how important are your local pharmacies? Take a look at the numbers below and you’ll see just how much local pharmacies contribute to the success of a community and provide valuable resources for residents:

$10 billion: The estimated amount of money that senior citizens spend on prescription medications each year — and this number is constantly going up as prescription drugs continue getting more expensive and as retirement plans stop including medical coverage. Many senior citizens rely quite a bit on prescription coupons and rebates to purchase essential medications, but without retail pharmacy POS systems, sometimes pharmacies aren’t able to process all of these coupons.

271.4 million: The amount of prescriptions written out in one year by doctors and nurs (more…)

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Web Design

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Mobile devices are becoming the leaders when it comes to internet access, and with an estimated 56% of all Americans owning a smartphone today — a percentage which continues increasing each year, by the way — it’s essential for every business to have a modern web design that functions well on mobile devices. Here’s a brief breakdown of why mobile web page designs are so important:

  • It’s estimated that about 94% of first impressions are influenced primarily by design, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that consumers are heavily influenced to buy — or not buy — a product or service based on how the business’s website looks. It’s easy enough to make your website look great on a regular desktop or laptop, but because of the limited space on mobile devices, it’s essential that each websi (more…)