Mobile Website Design Tips How SEO and Branding Can Help Your Business

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SEO friendly website design is a topic most businesses with an online presence discuss at some point in their website implementation process. After all, what good is a website if users are not able to easy navigate it, cannot find it from key search terms, or think it is cluttered and unreadable? While many companies understand a few fundamental principles of SEO practices and web design, many do not know the best way to implement these strategies or what their target audiences are looking for. If you think you are in need of the best mobile website design tips, you may want to consider partnering with a branding or SEO firm.

If you are a small business looking to really make an impact with your web presence, mobile (more…)

Keep Your Business Booming with IT Managed Services

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The world has been greatly expanded since the innovation of the world wide web. Businesses especially benefit from IT managed services for advertising, data sharing, and security. By using the web as a protected business tool, companies are able to rapidly adapt their marketing strategies and target a very specific client base. Here are three reasons why your company should hire IT managed services to optimize your business.

Social media sites and blogs have grown in popularity over the past decade. Today, nearly a quarter of Facebook users regularly access their account no less than five t (more…)

How a Cloud Management Broker Can Protect Your Business

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Computers, tablets, and mobile devices are connected in ways never imaginable 20 years ago. With the introduction of the Cloud, files can be shared instantaneously with other users with the click of the mouse or the swipe of the finger. This brings up the point of securing your business’ mobile Cloud services to ensure that your company shares files in confidence. With global spending on Cloud equipment projected to reach $79.1 billion dollars by 2018, more businesses are benefitting from Cloud assessment services than ever before by hiring a cloud management broker.

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Why Freezer Software can Help Fight Cancer

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Modern freezer software used in medical research has allowed biobanks to store lasting samples which contribute to medical breakthroughs. Such freezer software allows researchers and doctors to safely transport samples throughout the country, making organ, tissue, and bone transplants readily available as needed thanks to cataloging systems. Biobanking is one of the quickest-growing trends in the medical field thanks to such innovations, and due to the increasing demand for such samples, the field is expected to thrive in the upcoming years.

Nearly two-thirds of biobanks were established within the last 10 years, although 17% have been around for over 20 years. Funding for bi (more…)

Warning Is Your Website Missing These 3 Elements Of Good Web Design?

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Practicing good web design is crucial for businesses hoping to develop a brand that connects positively with their desired audience. If you are a small business with a website, you should know that good web design is a flexible term. It means a different thing than it did 10 years ago so the key thing is to remain responsive to the current needs of your consumer base. Here are three of the most important elements of good, modern web design. Fair warning–if your site is not following these best practices, chances are you could be losing potential customers.

#1. Mobile Web Design (more…)

3 Ways to Effectively Utilize Laboratory Management Software

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Having the right laboratory management software can be almost as important as the research and studies done. How can you learn and grow if there is no adequate way to manage and store the data? The ever expanding industry of biobank software and sample management provides a variety of options to help you sort, manage, track and keep your research accurate and efficient. Combine proper sample management with quality biobanks and ensure your research is successful in every way.

How Laboratory Managment Software Helps Researchers Solve Cancer Cases

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The medical field has advanced at such a rapid rate that science fiction will soon be every day procedures. The development of biobanks and laboratory management software is to thank for many of the milestones achieved in modern medicine. A survey from 2011 found that nearly half of 700 cancer researchers had trouble finding biobank samples of sufficient quality. With updated laboratory management software, it has never been easier to find a specific example, allowing researchers to make breakthroughs faster than ever.

The History and Use of Biobanks

Around two-thirds of biobanks were founded within the last 10 years, although around 17% (more…)