Why Most Consumers Hope for Local Results to Search Engine Searches!

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You want your bathroom remodeled. You have a plumbing problem. Your dog keeps barking and you need to find a trainer. You have symptoms and want to look for a clinic or doctor that specializes in that area. Your lawn needs mowing and you don’t have the time to do it yourself. The living room can really use a new coat of paint and you would like to find a painter to do that job for you. How about getting the carpet cleaned – you think it is about that time. Is there a local company that will clean your windows? You are in the market for a new car – you wonder if an internet search will be the best place to start.

You are looking for something and you need a local company or provider to help you! When you search the internet and are just looking for “how to” or doing research about a top (more…)

The Importance of Upkeep on Medical Imaging Equipment

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It is no surprise that medical equipment such as X-ray machines and CT scans are important to our medical field. They provide medical professionals with important, advanced images of their patients. Medical professionals are able to use these 3d imaging results to better serve their patients. They are able to gain clear images of what is wrong with a patient. They are even able to treat patients by relying on the images from these industrial CT scanning services to understand more about the areas of pain and disease that they are dealing with. It is also no surprise then that the functionality and the reliability of these machines are also important. A poorly assembled or a machine that is not working properly could cause many problems and could prevent many important images from happening.

Many (more…)

Is Handling Your Own Investing Really the Best Idea?

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Have you spoken to a financial advisor recently? Have you ever spoken to a financial advisor? There are plenty of commercials out there encouraging people that they don’t need a financial advisor to manage their wealth. There are endless computer programs, websites, and apps now available that allow people to explore and participate in investing on their own.

However, when you are talking about your future income and wealth management, wouldn’t you want to know that the person handling your money and your investments has years of relevant experience and training in the financial realm? There is no doubt most people can invest on their own through one of these online programs, but is that really the best option?

According to a recent survey, nearly 75% of 401k account holders have bala (more…)

Services from the Omniscient, Omnipresent Cloud

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Technology continues to advance in ways that human beings at one time thought impossible, later thought only possible in our imaginations and in the pages and on the screens of science fiction adventures, and only relatively recently have these ideas been considered possibilities in the real world. By now, anything that a person can dream up could conceivably become a reality, a realization that can be overwhelming at times, but for the most part, incredibly exciting. And one part of this exciting, developing, digital world is the cloud. With this new element, many new jobs, responsibilities, and services have been created to supply the demand, not the least of which include cloud consultants, cloud communications, and cloud brokerage services.

Breaking into the world of (more…)

Plastic Bag Bans Signal New Era of Product Packaging Design

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Minneapolis, Tacoma, Hermosa Beach, Cambridge and Santa Barbara are just a few of the latest towns to ban those flimsy plastic bags that are still ubiquitous in most of the country. And those towns are just some of the municipalities that banned plastic bags in March 2016, plenty of other cities have already passed similar laws or have one in the works.
For the most part, these bans are opposed by local businesses and retail operations, and supported by environmentalists and progressives. The lightweight flexible packaging ends up in waterways and ecosystems all too easily, posing a hazard to wildlife on air, sea and land. But for packaging engineers and custom product packaging companies everywhere, these bans are also a sign of things to come.

What Does This Mean For Packaging for my Product?