Why Multiple 3D Imaging is Necessary for Accuracy in Research

Non destructive inspection

Science and technology are continually improving. Advancements continue to make research easier and allow it to produce better quality imaging and data. An example of a beneficial advancement to research is that of industrial CT scanning. Industrial scanning is the method of using 3D imaging programs and machines to gather accurate and higher quality of data. It has been found that 3D scan services, such as cone beam CT scanning, 3D X ray images, MRI images and even 3D CT Scanning devices can improve the viewing and the quality of research for items that are hard to see with the human eye. Although these imaging (more…)

Court Says NYPD Must Reveal Info on X-ray Spy Vans

3d cone beam ct

Three dimensional X-ray scanning is used by doctors to perform CAT scans and by 3D scanning companies to provide reverse engineering and other non destructive testing. However, in recent years the nation’s largest police department has started using X-ray inspection in unmarked vans. Little is known about these X-ray inspection vans, but now at least some information will be made public.
Thanks to a journalism nonprofit called ProPublica, the New York City Police Department will now have to release any information and documents it has related to the health risks associated with its top secret unmarked X-ray vans.
In a controversial split decision, an appeals court ordered the NYPD to r (more…)

How 3D Scanners Have Changed the World of Information

Radiography testing

3D scan services is something that has come a long way in recent years. Having the ability to scan 3D objects or to be able to make 2D images into 3D images on the computer has really boosted many different industries that use this technology. It has made it much easier to be able to see the entirety of an object without having to take it apart. NDT testing, industrial x-ray inspection and other industries all make great use of 3D scan services.

A 3D scanner analyses the object or even the environment in order to collect certain information and data about the shape, color, size and other appearance information. The data that is collected from the image is used to build 3D models on a computer program. It’s not a cheap endeavor, so each industry comes with it’s only budget limitations and pros and con (more…)