The Advantages Businesses Can Experience by Using the Leading Provider of Business Telephone Systems

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Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the owner of a small Mom and Pop business, or an up and coming entrepreneur trying to make a name for themselves, voice communication solutions is an integral part of a business’s overall success. Professional communications networks for businesses allow employees and valued customers to communicate securely and effectively. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer or prospective client than a dropped call, a weak phone signal, or an otherwise negative experience over the phone! One negative customer service experience over the phone can cost thousands in missed sales or reputation damage!

Installing the leading provider of business telephone systems, such as those that utilize voice over internet protocol technology (known as VoIP services (more…)

How Advertising Firms Can Conquer Social Media

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When’s the last time you checked Facebook? Probably not very long ago! Social media has taken over the digital world as we know it, from sharing pictures among family members to inviting friends to events with the click of a button.

With all those eyes glued constantly to a screen, advertising firms should no doubt be thinking about the ways to get their clients noticed. In 2015, 78% of all companies said they already have a dedicated social media team, an increase from just 67% in 2012.

At the same time, consumers have become more media-savvy and aware of how advertising can be targeted at them. Some 83% of people say that they’ve had poor experiences of some kind when encountering social media marketin (more…)

How Many Times a Day Are You Impacted by Scanning Services?

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It is what is on the inside that counts.
Whether it is the genetic make up of a cancerous cell in someone just diagnosed or it is the a measurement of the density of an impossible to replace part, a computed tomography scan can tell both physicians and engineers what is on the mysterious inside.
Although the process of scanning both parts of the body and parts of machinery is not new, the uses for computed tomography scans and other technologies continue to expand everyday. Technology that was once used for a clinical head scans of patients has now expanded into nearly every part of our lives. Even the early summer cancellations and delays of flights in Chicago were a result of the industrial x-ray equipment that (more…)

What You Can Expect From a Human Resources Executive Placement Agency

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For over one third of small and midsize business CEOs, staffing is the biggest business issue they face. A business is only as strong as its workforce, and a workforce is only as strong as it is content in its role. With the cost of employee turnover ranging anywhere from 30% to 150% of the employee’s salary, the challenge of finding top-tier talent is only the beginning. The gateway to employee acquisition and retention is your human resources team. So if you’re looking to build a better business, a smart place to start would be with your human resources executives.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, one bad hiring decision could cost as much as 30% of the first year’s potential earnings. When you couple that with the fact that nearly one quarter of new hires leave their jobs within the first 45 (more…)

CT Scanning From Medical to Industrial

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The medical field has taken advantage of radiography techniques for many years to capture images of internal bodily structures like bones and organs. A CT scan is a computerized imaging procedure in which a beam of x-rays produces signals that are processed by the computer to generate a number of cross-sectional images of the body. This allows doctors to diagnose medical conditions affecting the internal structures of the body.

As technology advances, it tends to cross over into other professional spheres, developing multi-purpose functionality. One such piece of technology is the CT scanner. Once used solely for medical purposes, this 3D imaging device gave birth to the Industrial CT scanning machine, which is now used for reverse engineering.

So, how do (more…)

How to Safeguard Your Small Business From Cyber Threats

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Our connected society has a lot to offer in terms of convenience, efficiency, and the potential for collaboration, but our technological innovation also brings with it some dangers, chief among them security concerns. Whether it is spam (97% of the more than 60 billion emails sen each day are spam), virus infection, or an actual security breach, ensuring the safety of your business is paramount and often necessitates managed IT support services and IT consulting.

Given the number of large data and security breaches over the past few years and the fact that in the last six years alone, the U.S federal government has seen an increase in cyber security breaches of over 680%, corporate digital security is increasingly valuable. Breaches are costly. A hefty $50,000 fine can be leveraged against a compan (more…)