How to Get Your Small Business File Management Out of the Dark Ages

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Sometimes the office life can seem like too much to handle. Between pressures from your bosses and pressure from your clients is can feel like there is no margin of error. Where a company thrives or fails mostly has to do with its file management. Gone are the days of large rooms with rows and rows of file cabinets, now days there are options hosted document management for growing business that take advantage of the cloud. Even so there are little things that can be done throughout the work day to make sure that things are working smoothly.

Sort your Email by Content, Files and Media

Do you ever feel like your email inbox is constantly overflowing? If you work in a high paced business it may see like you are receiving emails every couple of seconds. While many peo (more…)

4th Grader Uses Cyber Security Project to Prove People Are Susceptible to Viruses

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Even Robertson, a kid from Prlugerville, Texas, flaunts his multiple ribbons, banners and awards he won at his fourth grade science fair. He took first place at his elementary school and won the gold prize at the Austin Regional Science Fair.

According to WAVY, Evan was even invited to a national conference to speak about his project in San Antonio. His project: cyber security protection.

“My name is Evan Robertson. I love cats and candy a lot,” Robertson told a crowd of more than 300 at DEF CON in Las Vegas, one of the largest hacking conferences in the entire world, before his PowerPoint presentation about cyber security.

Evan’s father, Ian, (more…)

The Ad Agnecy Guide to Small Business Rebranding

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If you run a small company, you are well aware that your brand is everything. Especially in crowded markets, fresh and innovative branding can mean the difference between name recognition and repeat customers or eventually disappearing in a sea of names. If you believe that your brand is not doing you any favors than most top ad agencies would suggest that it is time to consider a company rebranding. Rebranding can have several positive effects. It can help to refine the focus of your desired market which in turn will serve to stir up new business.

While rebranding can be an effective way to stimulate buzz and public image, it however (more…)

Improve Your Employee Performance and Bottom Line by Properly Managing Your Cables

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When you opened your business, you probably did not think much about how you would manage all of the cables that you need to get your computer network running and keep all your devices talking to each other. Every business out there relies, on some level, on a variety of kinds of cables from Cat5e cables and Cat6 cables to bulk USB cables to keep the data flowing and then there are all of the power cables to keep the electricity doing what it needs to do. Just thinking about all of the details of properly cabling an office can be overwhelming. A good cable management system can make all of the difference and, believe it, save you time in the long run.

A good cable management system (more…)