All You Need to Know About USB 30

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Awhile ago, the USB 3 cables came out on the market. They seemed to initially be very close to the USB 2.0 but there were some different factors about them. So let’s take a look at the USB 3 cables compared to the USB 2 cables.

First of all, it was made with a super speed signaling rate of 5Gbps as well as dual bus architecture. It also has dual simplex simultaneous data flow that supported the super speed instead of the half duplex unidirectional flow that the USB 2.0 had. It supported higher power, better power management and streaming. So, now that we have the facts, what are some of the pros and cons of USB 3 cables? Are they worth the extra money that you have to pay from the (more…)

Service for iPhone Repair Can Vary Significantly from One Location to Another

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You recognized the tone in your daughter’s voice immediately. The lilting, high pitched tone was the give away. It took her a few minutes to get to the point of the phone call, but you quickly understood her hesitation. It was the third such phone call she had made in her first year and a half in college. A call to say that she had again dropped her phone and was again in need of iPhone repair.
Unfortunately, you have never convinced your husband to purchase insurance when you buy these phones, so every time your daughter needs iPhone repair you have to cover the entire cost yourself.
Amazingly, after this phone call about the third time the phone was broken, your father found a way to make a joke. “I guess we should just be glad it is not one of those phones that catches on fire and that n (more…)

Six Benefits of Using Supply Chain Executive Recruiters

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Have you ever heard of supply chain executive recruiters? Your supply chain management is essential to the operations and success of your business. The strategic roles within the supply chain management line are very important for steering your company in the right direction. This is why using supply chain executive recruiters to find the right talent for your essential executive positions is a very valuable.

We understand that enlisting supply chain executive recruiters involves additional expense, and you might be wondering why you would hire a consultant to do something that your own HR team already does. And so, we put together a list of benefits of using supply chain executive r (more…)

5 Characteristics that IT Support Specialists Should Have

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IT support is the type of job that requires a lot of knowledge and expertise on the subject. It’s important to really know what you are talking about otherwise you could completely ruin someone’s life. That’s not an exaggeration. If you give someone by IT consulting advice, they could lose everything on their computer, which very well could be their entire life including business or company transactions and foundations, financial statements, childhood sentiments, contact information and more. Of course, they should have backed it up but that’s something their IT support should have suggested in the beginning. Here are a few things that you should have or be when trying to get into the IT services industry.

Ability to Be Detail Oriented
In order to work well with computers and the support (more…)

How a Local SEO Company Can Help Your Business Succeed

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The world of business has evolved considerably over the last few decades, as technology has become more advanced. More of the world is more connected than ever, and there is a huge dependency on the Internet as a resource for businesses and consumers alike. Chances are, even if your business does well in the local brick and mortar market, it could be significantly improved with the right online presence. And a local SEO company could be your ticket to reaching a larger pool of potential consumers.

How can a local SEO company improve business?

Many small businesses appreciate and rely on the loyalty of local patrons and other local businesses. There has been a pretty significant push over the last few years to shine a brighter spotlight on promoting small businesses (more…)

Streamline Your Business Operations with a Customized Software Package

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When you’ve just launched a new company, have been in business for quite some time, or are in the process of rebranding, you realize the necessity of creating and maintaining a strong, user-friendly online presence. This is, as you know, one of the primary methods of driving customers to your business.

Furthermore, you are also aware of how important it is to have customized software and web applications that address your unique and specific business needs. Whether your business offers products, services, or a combination of both, it’s important to also consider the need for secure web storage.

Do you currently have Microsoft cloud-based st (more…)

Saving Money On Your Electronic Equipment

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Technology has come a long way since it was first introduced. In has gone to levels that we never could have imagined. Even the most basic of technological users is familiar with a basic understanding of technology and how it works. The majority of the country uses technology in their everyday lives. Some dedicate technology to their employment, home styles, and personal life?s. The differences in technology adeptness are why different types of technology exist. Those who want only a basic understanding are provided with simply uses, while those who enjoy learning the deeper workings of technology will find all types of equipment to experiment with.

Those who are avid technology users are likely to have households full of equipment. Some of the equipment may be for necessity, including desktop comp (more…)