Why Your Website is Like a Taco Stand

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Web design services will tell you that your website is one of the most important aspects of your entire business. Obviously, for virtual businesses, the website is arguably the single most important part of the entire business. If you sell anything online, then you already know that without a solid website, no one will be able to find you and get to what it is you want to sell them.

A website design company
, if they are worth their salt, will design a site that is easily accessible, easy to navigate, and is easily found. Web development is more than just p (more…)

Cell Phone Cable Accessories Used To Connect Your Phone To Your TV

Cat6 ethernet cables

In the age of smartphones and smart televisions it seems like the possibilities are limitless. The common devices can be used to share all sorts of information. All you need are USB cables or HDMI cables and you can transfer content from one medium to another. Even if you want to share content with another person it?s as easy as plugging and unplugging the right cables to the device and there you have it. You?re sharing screens.

What if you want to connect a personal device like your cell phone to a non portable device like your television? This is nothing new and as a matter of fact there’s different methods or ways to go about it. All you need are the right cell phone cable accessories and you can connec (more…)

Recent Changes Have Been Made to EPA Regulations

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In 1976, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act was created. What this act set out to do was regulate the way both solid and hazardous waste is disposed of. However, there have been numerous calls to update wastewater storage standards.

Many felt that the lack of updates made this standard hard for many businesses to follow. Lawmakers also felt that States had too many choices that made matters more confusing. One of the largest changes will come in the way that waste generators are classified.

The new regulations call for three categories of waste generators to be used which are very small quantity, small quantity, and large quantity generators.

  • Very small quantity generators are those that use create no more than 27 gallons of waste per month.
  • (more…)