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How much does your business spend on digital media? In 2015 alone, $6.8 billion was spent on various formats of digital media in the United States. The following year, the United States took the lead as the largest advertising market. Within a single year, this country went from spending $6.8 billion to spending a staggering $190 billion on digital media for advertising and marketing purposes.

A few years back in 2012, Google reported that their search engine handled a monthly total of 100 billion searches. Just imagine how many key words and terms are plugged into Google’s search box today.

Since a major portion, or 93%, of the Internet experience begins with using a search engine to conduct research or engage in other activities, the results of a study by Outbrain are not surprising. Their (more…)

Executive Search Experience the Benefits of Retaining a Recruiting Service

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More and more companies are realizing the benefits of using retained executive recruiters from search firms to fill a variety of positions, including senior executives and other essential corporate positions. According to a report released by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants, North America has experienced an increase of 11.3% for executive searches.

In 2013, for example, 5.9% of the companies surveyed reported that they utilized recruiting services for their external hires. In addition to being nearly double the amount of positions filed through recruiting firms during 2012, it also represented the most positions filed by this means in over 10 years.

Due (more…)

Improve Your Company’s Productivity With Video Conferencing

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With recent advances in technology, employees working remotely from home is becoming more frequent. Studies showed that 70% of contact centers planned to expand the use of virtual agents in 2015. Half of the US workforce holds a job that is compatible with at least partial tele- commuting. In fact, 80% to 90% of the US workforce says they would like to telework at least part time, 36% said they would choose it over a pay raise. When working remotely, employees that are out of the office can sometimes feel left out of the loop of what?s going on with their co-workers that commute to work and things that are going on inside the office. An easy way to work around this issue so that employees don?t sacrifice the convenience and productivity of working from home and can still feel like they are a part of a te (more…)