The Development Of Sturdy Fracking Containment For American Industries

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Storage is an art form. Food, supplies, oil, water, medicinal resources. They all need to be carefully contained and transported if they’re to avoid perishing and retain the standard quality customers and companies have come to expect. Frac tank containment doesn’t just know it. It sets the bar as high as possible for countless businesses across the country. They can manifest as above ground cistern tanks to custom made storage tanks, staying flexible enough to tackle any issue that’s brought to the table. When you store something, you’re doin (more…)

Why Your Business’s Internet Provider Could Make Or Break You

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The internet is well past being acknowledged as a key component of modern life. There are some estimates that the average person is online for over six hours over the course of a day, with about 70% of Americans logging in online each day in 2016. This number does not parse between time at work and time at leisure, but the fact remains that we as a nation rely heavily on being connected, or reachable, at all times.

With these numbers, having a reliable internet service provider is a must for any company, but especially small businesses. There are some studies that indicate a very large business might lose up to $100,000 for every minute that they are without an adequate internet connection. Now, those may not be the numbers your company is dealing with at the idea of your company’s interne (more…)