Telling Time The Network Time Protocol

Network clock

The precursor to the clock was an Egyptian device that chronicled the passing of the sun on a small stone circle. It represented what we know as time today: The earth rotating in a circle as it circled around the sun, causing the level of sunlight to vary according to the time and place the circle was measuring.

Today, that small stone with the one line denoting the start of the sequence of time has transformed into a more accurate system of satellites that orbit the earth and measure the sun as the earth rotates. These are called global positioning system satellites. They are used today for many purposes, many of which are related to time.

The beginning of what would be called “the atomic clock” started with computers. In computers, time is told by a “stratum.” The stratum involves the sequencing of (more…)

Using the Available Digital Data About Your Customers Can Help You Stay Connected

Data matching software

They are a part of our lives.
The temptation to include them in the texts that we send and the social media posts that we make is great. Fearing that our words alone will not provide enough detail, we add one, two, maybe five or six emojis to our messages and our comments to that we can communicate how we are really feeling. What we are really thinking.
And while we are interested in letting our friends and family members know what we are thinking, it should come as no surprise that digital marketing companies are trying to find ways to help retailers know how consumers are feeling as well.
Through the use of software sentiment analysis tools, for instance, a digital marketing team can help their clients find out very valuable information. And while giving one to stars as a rat (more…)

Cloud-Based Services The Good Parts

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There are many businesses that believe that their IT departments are too financially costly and too overbearing or incompetent when it comes to helping out the rest of the personnel in their businesses. It is possible there are other problems with their IT departments as well, such as lack of redundancy, ineffective hardware, and more.

For these reasons, the businesses may think of moving to the cloud.

The cloud is an auspicious name that many people seem to not understand when it comes to people outside of the technology or information technology worlds. The cloud consists of several things that are all Internet based. Companies that offer cloud offer specific services to companies that better serve the companies.

The cloud is considered to be part of the general world of the Inter (more…)

Five Things to Do to Keep Your Work Data Safe While Traveling

Network device monitoring

About 58% of businesses report being concerned over cyber attacks already, and a lot of businesses are even realizing that pc and laptop maintenance and IT security are so serious that it’s best to get managed IT services or otherwise do IT outsourcing to oversee it all. In fact, 38% of companies of all sizes cite security as one of the main reasons for using a managed service at all. The managed security market is set to double by 2020 as companies try to avoid any downtime by outsourcing server monitoring and maintenance, pc and laptop maintenance, and enhanced IT security.

With security this much of a concern for any company, it’s also essential that everyo (more…)

Tips for Choosing a Good Sound System

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Choosing the right sound system for your venue is crucial to providing the best possible audio visual experience. Whether you’re a church, a retail store, an intimate restaurant or a stadium planning on enormous crowds, your sound system is crucial to everything that happens in your space. So crucial, in fact, that the audio sound equipment industry in America was worth $120 billion by 2016. Before you choose a sound system, educate yourself on the basics and what principles you should bear in mind for a PA system:

What Are the Sound Basics?

There are three important components to the system. First, you need a device like a microphone to change sound waves (more…)

Specialty Heat Transfer Machines for Creative Advertising Methods

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Just about everyone has their favorite t shirt that they love to wear. A lot of people have more than just one go to garment. The popular article of clothing is so common because of the comfort and opportunity for personal expression. Customized t shirts are a great way to advertise everything from a business to a personal sentiment or interest. And for companies looking for a smart way to get their name out, obtaining specialty heat press transfer machines can be the best way to make the specialized shirts that will do the job.

Specialty heat press transfer machines for creative advertising
T shirts have been around for more than a century, and they are a staple of pretty much every wardrobe. Everyone’s got that shirt they throw on when they don’t want to put too much th (more…)

Over 95% Of Travelers Will Change Hotels Based On This Minor Yet Frustrating Experience

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People are traveling more than ever. In fact, we could be seeing one of the biggest surges in globetrotting activity in a long time.

With personal experiences and fond memories being embraced far more than penny-pinching, more families and individuals are doing their best to find great hotel deals to usher in the new year. The best hotel management software is a tool you can’t afford to be without as customers become more particular about what constitutes a good experience. Are you able to manage a sudden absence? Can your hotel reasonably address small to major problems as they arise? If you have any doubt about the above, look below to learn about how hospitality management software can make sure you’re not left behind as the world grows smaller.

Whether people are traveling for busin (more…)