Financial Planning Is an Essential Part Today’s Life Skills

Unfortunately, you and your husband have given your two daughters some examples of what happens when you are not great at personal personal financial planning. And while there have been many fun family vacations and lots of fun purchases, your teenage daughters have also been on trips where the budget fails. No glacier cruise when you were in Alaska. No tickets to see a Broadway show when you were in New York. In fact, after several half baked trips to some pretty cool locations, the girls began asking why some of the best vacation plans fell through. Why was it that sometimes they were able to order what ever they wanted when they went out to eat and were able to go parasailing if it was available? And why was it at other times that you had literally no money to spend on these trips?
The answer, of course, was (more…)

How To Handle The Frustration Of Executive Searches

An executive search to fill a position at a job can be frustrating. An executive search can take a considerable amount of time, and is often frustrating primarily because of low rates of job retention in industries all throughout the United States.

In fact, more people are leaving their jobs and seeking out alternate employment situations than ever before, with nearly three million workers and employees throughout the country leaving their positions and even their companies by the end of June 2015 alone. This represents as much as a twenty five percent increase in the amount of employees and workers who are leaving their positions and places of employment than the rates of job turnover collected just two years previously to 2015. Millennials have even been referred to as the job hopping generation, with more than half of all the millennials currently in the workforce considering themselves to be open to accepting a new and better position at any time, with little thought for job (more…)