Why Liquid Immersion Cooling is the Way of the Future

Keeping a data center cool and ensuring the center maintains green policies is important in this new age of energy conservation. While cooling systems are important, not all of them were created the same. For example, data centers that are over seven years old are considered outdated and seeking green cooling solutions are given priority. Here are a few reasons why liquid immersion cooling is the future of data centers.

Liquid Immersion Cooling is Cost Effective

For companies looking to save money, seeking solutions through liquid immersion cooling is the way to go. In comparison to air-based cooling, the costs of using liquid immersion results in 20% lower startup costs. Immersion cooling GPU can save money for companies looking for a new and green method or reducing usage. It’s also helpful when running the center long-term since over 98% of the electricity used for (more…)

A Guide to Outsource Marketing

The world of marketing is not easy to understand and that is why outsource marketing exists. Businesses can hire marketing companies to create smart and strategic marketing schemes. As a result, you can help turn a better profit from products and your business! Therefore, hiring a group of outsourcing marketing workers may be a smart idea!

Big developments in technology create new ways of advertisements. For instance, people now want to create blogging content to help attract customers via search engines. This is referred to as SEO or search engine optimization, and it is a job fit for outsourcing marketing groups.

Quality content can drive traffic to a blog by up to 2000%. Google is responsible for 96% of smartphone search traffic and 94% of total organic search traffic. So it is wise for businesses to look to the help of an SEO marketing agency or outsource marketing companies. Here are more facts below:

Outsource Marketing Uses Technology

A re (more…)